My life had been just perfect, graduated from the university with a nice grade, got an amazing job in a top tech company, had wonderful siblings and parent not forgetting my baby boo who was everything I dreamt of in a guy.
My life was just the perfect description of the typical “Snow White” fairy tale movie with the usual happily ever after ending. Atleast so I thought till I clocked 26 years of age.
I was in my prime, living the ideal kind of life I had always wished for. How everything changed and became different as I clocked twenty-sixth still baffles me till today.
It all started the week after my birthday when I elegantly showed up at my best friends bridal shower. I can still remember the experience and everything that went down, it was pure bliss. To crown my woes, I was also her chief bridesmaid two weeks later.
Trust me when I say this, true love is sweet. I got home that day with a different perception about love. I really wanted to experience that same feeling and that was the beginning of my sad tale. My baby boo was just playing it calm and easy. Never one day did he hint his plan of proposing, yet I knew he loved me recklessly. Ofcourse I loved him too. Tall dark, well built handsome baby, who wouldn’t love him.
As days and weeks and then months went by, I became desperate. My bestie’s baby bump was a constant reminder to me that one aspect of my life was still sour. I silently cried every night, imagining myself walking down the aisle with my white beautiful flowing gown.
I became fed up and decided to take the bull by the horn seeing that baby boo wasn’t as eager as I was.
Guess what I did next? You wouldn’t believe what guts and nerve I had that moved me to take this action.