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Need A Perfect Exercise kit To Keep Your Body In Shape?

Have you been looking for a way to keep fit without having to pay monthly gym membership fee?

Are you in need of a solution to your recent weight gain due to lockdown and desire to maintain your figure 8 shape without having to place yourself on a diet?

Well… look no further


The New and Improved Revoflex Extreme Exercise Kit For All Gender

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Why You Should Get Your Revoflex Exercise Kit Today

You Save Extra money

Rather than spending so much money paying for gym membership just to keep fit and stay in shape, how about you work out from the comfort of your home?


Now, you don't have to wait till the gym doors are open, you can easily turn on your music, wear a comfortable sport wear and exercise from anywhere in the world.


Stay in form during this lockdown season without having to lose shape with this revoflex extreme exercise kit.


You don't have to study overnight to use this equipment. It is so easy to use by even a child. Simply watch the video to see how to set it up.

Just Before You Walk Away Thinking This Is Not For You

Trust me, I can understand if you walk away and decide not to get this Revoflex Extreme Exercise Kit. 

Like I mean, not everyone deserves to look hot and stay in shape so yes it’s fine.

Not everyone deserves to step out with that amazing outfit and have heads turning back to see such a beautiful creation with a body to die for.

No! not everyone deserves this. I apologize for disturbing your peace. I only felt you were ready to  get those eyes popping out in awe, admiring your physique.


But if this is you, you know deep down that you have always wanted that killer shape so you can slay on your next outfit…then what are you waiting for?

We have just 25 kits left.

You would miss out on the promo price if you bat an eyelid. hurry now, Order your exercise kit now at a giveaway fee of 7,500 naira with A FREE BAG for only the first 10 orders. Delivery fee not included.

Limited Stock Available

Frequently asked questions

The revoflex extreme exercise kit is super effective and works perfectly in place of a gym, giving you your desired body physique within 3 weeks of usage.

Promo price is 7,500 naira. Prices return back to 10,500 once promo is over.

Revoflex Extreme Exercise Kit can be used by both men and women.

All orders are delivered within the first two days after the order form is received.

Yes, we accept payment on delivery.

Don't miss out on this promo offer


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