There is a way that seems right, but truth it…most times we realize that the supposed way turns out to be the wrong way eventually. It is not uncommon that humans are moved majorly by what they see first before exercising any of their other senses, whether male or female. The previous generation of our fore-fathers believed so much in Hard work and a justifiable/legit means to make money, However, this present dispensation have decided to go the way of the fast lane. Everything has to be either fast or easy to come by otherwise they are not interested. Many youths believe so much in this new “Make money quick scheme” and are fast dropping the idea of 9-5. White collar job has become obsolete in their eyes.

With this new social media age that allows people to live a false life, avoiding the fast lane now seems like a tall order. Looking at your peers doing well and posting their success pictures on the ‘Gram’ has pushed many into doing things they are not proud of. Celebrities and A-list artiste sometimes endorse or publicly display the illicit ways through which they have amassed wealth for themselves with no fear or regard for authorities.

There is this slang youths always use as their back up… “The end justifies the means”. How wrong can we be? Where did we veer off? Which witch did this thing to us? Nobody wants to labour anymore, nobody wants to strive, nobody wants to calm down and build an empire from scratch. Everyone is looking for that jackpot that would suddenly turn their status around. While we are at it with this new trend, let us always remember that there is a way that seems rights, but the end is destruction. Not all that really glitters, ends up being gold. Looks may be deceptive.

Proverb 16 vs 25 actually says “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death [KJV].

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