This month of February, I know the only thing topping the minds of youths right now is “Valentine”. Valentine! Valentine!! Valentine!!! Whoever made this a tradition I don’t know but it sure looks like it has come to stay.

What really is the craze about “Valentine” that makes the month of February so special? So many youths lose their sanity and even some their virginity during this period. Little wonder many children are born in the month of November. (Children of Valentine hahaha).

The world has somehow created in our subconscious that Valentine should be shared amongst lovers and couples. Infact majorly lovers. However, My ideology of Valentine seems quite different. To me, everyday, not just February 14th should be a day to show love. I don’t mean showing love to your lover or partner, I mean showing love to all and sundry. There should be no restriction or barrier to who you can show love to.

Many times, we complain and blame every other person but ourselves. The government is either the cause of our problem or it’s our village people. What I think is simple; If we can imbibe the habit of showing love to anyone we meet, irrespective of the tribe, race or age, the world would be a better place. God himself is love and he designed love long before creation. If we must experience peace and live the right way God has instituted, we must go back to the drawing board and dust up our ‘Love acts’. Love is not just for your boyfriend or wife, Love should also be shared with your neighbour, parents, siblings, friends, enemies (I know someone is about to shoot me hahaha), society and the world at large.

If we want to see a change, If we truly want to experience real change, then it must start from us. We must be the principal propagators. Nobody would act on what you say with your mouth except what they see you do. Like the popular saying goes, ‘Action speaks louder than words’. Go out there and show love to even the least people who you feel don’t deserve your love. That’s the way to go.

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