Have you ever paused to wonder what the word ‘Arrogance’ really means? You know often times, we act in ways that portrays arrogance but we are unaware of it. When you hear the word ‘Thief’, what comes to mind is a human being or group of people that participate in an organized crime, taking things that don’t belong to them in the process.

Permit me to reveal to you another kind of a thief most of us are unaware of. The silent thief of character, one of which is ‘Arrogance’. This subtle trait is responsible for several social ills (Wars, Tribalism, Religious battles) that has eaten deep into our society.

An arrogant look of superiority

It may interest you to know that so many people walk around with an arrogant spirit unknown to them. Arrogance cuts across different ages, gender and social status and is not peculiar to any tribe or profession. We see arrogance being displayed in different facets of our society, from Sports, to Religion to Parenting etc and so the need to raise an awareness to the general public is of paramount importance.

In times past and even in recent times, we see how arrogance has led to several wars, tribalism, hatred, hubris, divorces and countless social ills. We see superior executives in the office look down on their subordinates because of their present position.

There are also examples of tribes that show superiority over other tribes for one reason or the other. What we fail to understand is that arrogance of any form is bad and should be discouraged at the basic form before it grows into something of public concern. That entitlement mindset most youths and even government officials possess is a subtle act of arrogance.

Subtle display of arrogance

Often times, we show see people especially youths who feel they are entitled to something and so, they begin to exhibit traits that are synonymous with arrogance. When you feel you deserve that raise in salary better than the staff who got it, or you feel you deserve to be treated differently from your classmates because you took first position, there is a problem already. You fail to appreciate the beauty and diversify of life.

You fail to appreciate the design of creation at work. If we were all created with equal strength and capabilities, no one would be bold enough to beat his or her chest in so much confidence. We must come to the point in life where we begin to appreciate everybody and the diversity of life. We must learn to appreciate God for creating us with our individual uniqueness. Arrogance kills, We must kill arrogance.

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