As this year has commenced, a lot of resolutions have been written by countless millions and some are still writing theirs even till now. Hahaha! The joy doesn’t come in just writing out your new year resolution, it comes in fulfilling those goals and targets you have giving yourself.

How many times have we seen people write so many goals and just the next week after new year, they can barely remember anything they wrote on their list. True! it is important to plan, but planning without actualization, without carrying your plan out is simply a waste of time. You would have as well just grabbed a popcorn and chilled drink while watching a sitcom.

In other not to make the mistakes you have been making the previous years, these are tips you can hinge on to make your year a memorable on.

1. Have A Realistic Plan For Your Year: Now when I say have a plan for yourself, I don’t mean those ones you wrote in times past that were so bogus and unrealistic that the goals ended up scarring you away from achieving it. Naaa! Rather, get a realistic plan that you can achieve with a little strive or effort. For example, Some people’s account have never seen 200,000 naira yet you see them writing “At the end of the year, I want to have over 50 million in my account” and I’m like how please? Are you a thief?

2. Work Towards Your Written Goals: I have seen beautifully written down goals die a natural death, not because it wasn’t achievable but because the owner of the goal was too lazy to bring the goal to fruition. You see, writing is not enough, You must Act. And the best time to act was yesterday. You are already late, so you need to double up. Nobody would achieve your dream or goals for you. The onus is on you to do the work. Pay more attention to those goals you have written down. Break them into smaller segments to enable you achieve them with ease. For example, If your part of your goal is to add another certification, Say your Master’s Degree, you have to break this goal down into little bits by asking questions like a) what school would I like to further my education, b)What course would I like to have a Master’s Degree in? c) How long would I want the program duration to be? These questions allow you know the right steps to take that would in turn lead to the goal you originally wanted to achieve.

3. Eat Well and Have Fun: The life you have is just one. Therefore, you cannot come and kill yourself. While you work towards achieving your goals, remember that it is only someone who is alive and healthy that can pursue goals. Take time out to rest, hang out and have fun and then eat well. When I say eat well, I’m not talking about the junks we have come to accept as food, I mean real food. Learn to rest your body. Learn to eat a balanced diet. Learn to take time out to see a movie, or hang out with friends, it is good for the body. You should try this out!

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