A Virtuous Woman…Who Can Find? (Learn Lessons From Queen Esther)

A Virtuous Woman…Who Can Find? (Learn Lessons From Queen Esther)

I am this kind of person that loves to pick out moral lessons whenever I watch any movie, Be it action, romance or true life stories. For single ladies and even married ladies, the story of Queen Esther in the bible is one that you should embrace with open arms, as she gives us a full account of how a lady should behave and appear before her husband and before the people.

Now according to history, Esther also known as Hadassah was more or less an orphan girl who lived with her Uncle. It so happened that Queen Vashti who wanted to usurp from her husband King Xerxes was thrown out of the kingdom, and as such, a new Queen had to emerge. Young maidens were brought in from far and wide and were kept in the kings house to be giving befitting treatments and properly taken care of till their day of exhibition. (I wouldn’t want to narrate the entire book of Esther here, so ild touch on only salient matters). Esther was eventually chosen to be the Queen after a rigorous and critical assessment of all the young maidens. (Watch the movie “One Night With The King” to get the full gist).

Now this is where I really want to hammer on…What Made Esther also known as Hadassah to be chosen as Queen. What were those traits and qualities the King saw in her that made him lick his lips and say to himself “Hmmm! I must marry this lady”? Most ladies think it’s about the make up there wear or their ability to twerk that makes a man go down on one knee holding a box containing a ring. It’s not your big bombom or slim waist that would make him take you to meet his family. Know this today. It takes more than a fine face, a pot of soup and a ‘twerking behind’ to make a man become crazy in love with you, well except you want to use juju.

Esther was able to find favour in not only the king’s sight but also in God’s sight and because of that, half of the kingdom amongst many other things were gifted to her. What exactly made her find favour in the eyes of the King? If you are expecting to see lessons like “Don’t wear trouser” “Greet your husband well with your knees bent” “Cook your husband favourite food” and other bla bla bla you would be waiting for a long time sweetheart. I would pick out salient lessons that all ladies world wide can apply and get same result.

Lesson One: Be a Lady of Strong Virtue and Character 

This point cannot be overemphasized enough. It is as important as the air you breathe in. Build a strong character. No one would do it for you. This not kalo kalo, so stop treating your life as one. Consciously invest in yourself, use your free time to add more skills to your life. Yes it may cost money but remember that nothing good comes easy. Every man would like a lady who has strong character. Ladies are known to be liars, you can change that about yourself, become a woman of integrity. Let your Yes be your Yes and your No your No. Stop pretending and trying to potray a person you are not, no one likes to be deceived.

I’m sure many of the other young maidens when they got to the Kings chamber where the were being groomed, forgot themselves and began to wash their dirty linens in public, but that wouldn’t be heard of for Esther. She rather spent time reading and learning more about the laws of the land. She wasn’t jumping around attending all the hottest parties in town,throwing herself on all the guys with six packs and tu-packs. She had decorum and poise. Carried her self as Queen even when she knew she was not yet a Queen.Please tell me, what man wouldn’t want to wife such a lady?

Lesson Two: Apply The Golden Rule to Your Life 

The rule which says “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you” is age long and still very relevant. Esther in the story didn’t just act unruly or with disregard to people who came her way, she always had affection towards people and treated people nicely. Some ladies only treat their fiance nice just because they want the ring. They don’t mind running every other person down just to get what they want.

This rule is so simple. It means as a married lady, if you don’t want your husband to stay outside in the warm embrace of another lady, don’t pursue another lady’s husband to while you are single. It means if you want your partner to treat you with love, also let out love on your part. Treat people nicely, not just because you are expecting any favour in return but because it is the right thing to do. Esther loved her people and as such went all out for them even at the expense of her life. She did this not because she was expecting a favour but because it was the right thing for her to do. 

Lesson Three: Let Love Lead You 

Above all else, this is what every lady needs to know. A lady who is embedded with love would always have favours from far and wide. She would be so graced that her contemporaries would almost  envy her. Nothing moves the heart of a man more than pure unadulterated love. Let your decisions and every action be influenced by love. When you do this this, you would find that doors would be opened before you. You would stand before kings and not mean men.

Esther in the story broke the major law of the land…She entered the kings court unsummoned which on a norm should warrant her death however, she obtained favour from the King to the amazement of everyone present. Why? because she loved her people and wouldn’t want them wiped out through the order of wicked Haman. At the end of the day, even her life was spared.

She was able to touch the King heart and turn it in her favour. She got half of the kingdom and other entitlements. Like I said earlier, when you have loved intertwined with your way of life, you are sure to have doors opened before you. Your husband would rush home to always want to be around you than in the arms of another woman, because when you love, you would value understanding, when you love, you would learn to treat others well, when you love, you would naturally have respect and trust towards others. #thinkabouit

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