The ideology we have come to accept concerning sex and romance is appalling and begs on our intelligence. What I seek to understand is why or what or who is responsible for such an ideology. You may say I talk a lot but hey, it’s the simple truth. There is a huge difference between sex and magic. This difference is what couples and love-birds have failed to understand in recent times, and as such a break up or divorce is imminent. Sex in it’s right place is cool yeah? Okay but how is it that even couples who are legally allowed to grind still leave everything in the hand of God?

I mean, is God supposed to leave all the pressing matters he is overseeing and start teaching a guy how to place his leg or a lady how to arch her back? Of course it’s not something he can’t do but what happens to us doing our own personal research and learning some of these things ourselves? The internet has been given to us to explore and learn so why do we still carry this misplaced ideology wandering up and down the neighborhood as one without help? Trust me, many marriages and relationships have come to an abrupt end simply because a lady or guy can’t satisfy his/her partner. God created sex to be enjoyed in it’s right place so why wouldn’t you learn and know things that are necessary to have a pleasurable experience, why leave everything for God to handle? (Hey! unmarried fellows, this post is in no wise referring to you…keep moving.)

There is no magic in love, whatever you want to see in your marriage or relationship, you have to deliberately work towards achieving it. Don’t think one genie somewhere would appear and fix your love life for you. As a lady, don’t just be stuck with house chores and baby pampers and the kids food, learn how you can also satisfy your man…It is very important! As a man, don’t just be forming “I am a pastor” “I am very spiritual” “I have board meetings”…Learn how to satisfy woman…It is very important! Lest one day another man who can do a better job would steal your wife away from you. Know the difference between Sex, God’s role and Magic.

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