The debate about differences in age between couples has been in existence long before the birth of Methuselah, believe me. We have heard a lot about relationships that had to end because of differences in age. You may call this being petty, but some others may not see it that way. Most people don’t get it when it comes to relationship.

There is no fixed age or laid down rules to date or marry someone. Relationship is about understanding, genuine love, trust and sincerity. I don’t see how two people can come together and live amicably for the rest of their lives without these. Personally age in marriage isn’t so much of a big deal so long as the essential ingredients listed above are present. You see, as a guy, whether your partner is older than you are or your guy is younger than you are as a lady, It doesn’t mean anything so long as there is genuine love, understanding, trust and sincerity.

I’m aware that a lady most times needs someone who is older to guide her and lead her, however, this is not a rule of thumb. Nobody made this a general rule in the constitution, neither is it the eleventh commandment in the bible. Currently, there are several marriages where the lady is older than her partner, yet there is still so much respect and unity, with everything going on fine. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have a problem with people who make another person’s life the standard for their life. Like I don’t get it, we were all born differently, so why allow yourself become boxed into someone else’s life partner. Yeah, there may be guidelines to follow, but it doesn’t mean your life must go in such exact manner.

Age doesn’t bring respect. Don’t be deceived that the younger your wife is, the more she would respect you. That’s non sequitur. It doesn’t follow at all. Respect is more about one’s character than on’s age. I have seen very young ladies disrespect the life out of their partner and I have also seen older ladies, love and respect their younger-in-age male partner. Try not to follow popular opinion in your personal life, cos when the heat comes, the world wouldn’t give a hoot about your ish, rather they would insult you and make mockery of you. Avoid peer pressures, avoid your family and friends cajoling you into doing something you are not comfortable with. Just imagine living in sorrow for the rest of your life al because you wanted to please people.

Ladies, in my own opinion, If you love a guy and he is younger than you are, yet meets up to every other criteria, jump on it. Don’t even look back for a second lest your relationship turns to a pillar of salt like Lot’s wife. And as a guy, if you love a lady who happens to be older than you are, go for her. Forget what your village kinsmen and witches are saying. At the end of the day, it’s your life, not theirs. They won’t face the heat with you when anything goes bad. Age is just a number, not a standard. If this article ministered to you in anyway, write to us at and share your comments and opinions with us.

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