Can we all come to the consensus that Social Media is a b*tch??? Who is with me on this? I bet even those against this opinion would finally join the movement after reading this article. Social Media has really been a blessing to us no doubt, it has helped us in countless ways, more than we could ever imagine. However the banes of Social Media are also blaring us in the face. We live in a world where almost every good thing has been abused and comprised. Asides fraudulent activities and other criminal acts which are been perpetuated via social media, I would like to hammer and hinge my focus on the adverse effects and consequences of leading a fake life that social media has made so rampant in our present day and age.

Permit me to say this, but most of the things people portray to the world via social media are usually not true. It is more of a make believe life, and whats really annoying is that many youths and some times adults are falling for this gimmick daily. Quite unfortunate right? With the rate of suicide on the increase, one might be tempted to ask, is it really worth it? Is it worth it to kill yourself over something you can’t currently have? or is it worth it to aspire to become someone you are not just because you idolize the person? The world is going crazy and its surprising that a lot of people are going crazy with the world. If it’s not the hype to get the latest Iphone, then it’s surely the hype for the latest Brazilian hair, or perhaps the latest car despite the fact that we know most times, that budget is way past our limit per time.

Some people wet their pillows every nights yet when on social media, they portray a life of so much glam and beauty that you begin to wonder if you are still leaving behind the bush since you don’t experience such a life. Some years ago, I carried out a research to really find out what people thought about social media. The results were amazing. I had lots of people telling me they always felt sad and dejected after visiting major social media platforms like Instagram, Snap chat and the likes. Some others were of the opinion that social media was just a place where they unwind and have fun through interacting with others. Many have gone down six foot plus because they felt oppressed and dejected, whereas in reality, these people who take to their social media handles to flash colorful lifestyles are not all that in the real sense.

The deception is on the rise and need to be curbed. One thing we must know and always remind ourselves is that not all that glitters is gold. Not everything you see out there is real. Live your life to the fullest in the best way or capacity you can. Be your number one fan. Never be in a competition with anyone else but your past. The truth is, if you would labour and till the soil while it’s day, you would definitely reap the reward in due season. Forget what the media shows you, discard that feeling of inferiority or emptiness. No one was born a failure, you only decide to become one by your actions. Rise up now and be the best you can. The world awaits you.

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