I love Nigeria, there is always one drama or the other keeping us entertained. Beyond all our struggles, we are the most happy people in the world according to statistics. However, with every drama episode comes an equivalent lesson to be learnt. It is no news that one of the recent drama episodes to grace the air space is the story between world famous musician Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid and his first baby mama Shola Ogudu. She (Shola) recently took to social media, explaining to the world how irresponsible she felt Wizkid was towards their son Boluwatife, popularly know as Tee.

This revelations by Shola was also accompanied with screen shot images of her conversations with Wizkid, labeling him as a deadbeat father. Now I hope y’all know i’m not about to discuss what transpired or did not transpire between them both. My aim basically is to point out salient lessons ladies can learn from this ongoing drama. So let’s dive in with no further ado.

Lesson 1: Your Personal Matter is you Personal Matter, Keep it Private!

This is the first lesson you must learn as you grow in life. Keep your personal ‘ish’ to yourself. The world doesn’t care’bout you, many people don’t. The truth of the matter is that with so many natural disasters and economical upheavals happening, a lot of people are actually fed up and need just about anything or anyone who can entertain them and probable give them a reason to smile. Your personal story in their hands would just be one of those entertaining episodes for them. Trust me, once your story becomes sour, they move on to the next happening drama. Don’t be fooled that because people like and comment on your shared drama episodes, they care about you. They don’t!

Let me even make this a little bit interesting for you, some people are actually waiting for you to have issues and share on your socials so they can make an extra buck from peddling such stories. So know this, while you are there sharing your personal matter to the public in a bid to solicit for cheap empathy or popularity as the case may be, someone else is making a huge ton of money just peddling your gist. In cases like this ladies, try whatever means possible outside the above discussed to resolve your ‘ish’ privately. keep it strictly away from the crowd, they absolutely don’t care. The next lesson is what I keep preaching to ladies every time, please don’t joke with it.

Lesson 2: Add Value to Yourself Daily, Stop Depending on Any Guy!

Like seriously, even if he is your husband, don’t depend on him alone, get a life. Find something to do with yourself. Add value to yourself daily. A guy is not your ATM or Central Bank. Times innumerable I have said this, Ladies, guys, nobody would do this for you. Nobody would improve your life for you. People can only try to help you to an extent, but the ball is still in your court to advance your life by yourself. Whether he is the father of your child or your husband, it makes no difference at all.

I have seen single moms who have successfully raised their kids without the support of anyone. Rather they go ahead to give their kids the best education there could ever be; quality education even better than those the children of both parents receive. What i’m I saying here? You would only need to drag a man in public or constantly perch on him to pay bills and act responsibly towards you and your/his son because you don’t have enough bar to fend for yourself. If you did, trust me, you won’t send him or his money. You would most probably be like to hell with him and his money (Well except you are after something else which i’ld discuss in my next lesson).

Lesson 3: Treat Your Partner with Respect!

I am not going to dwell so much on this cos I believe the topic is self explanatory. Treat you partner with respect fullstop. Humans have this habit of disrespecting someone when he/she is broke and out, but the minute he/she goes PLC and attains world wide fame, they come back trying to form attachment. You know, that “we used to be cool friends” kind of parole. Believe me, that stunt doesn’t work no more. If you believe in your partner’s dream, stick with him/her till the very end. Don’t go about insulting him/her because he has nothing now, then the minutes he/she blows, you start looking for any means possible to share in the fame. No way! It doesn’t work like that ma/sir. The next lesson is soc crucial to both guys and ladies.

Lesson 4: If You Must Chop, You Must Pay!

No! No!! No!!! This is totally unacceptable. You cannot affordable to be irresponsible after carrying out an action that requires you to be responsible. If you won’t pay, don’t chop. Simple and short. Now what do I mean by this? Let me break it down. Ladies, Guys, i’m pretty shocked when I see people act surprised when they hear they are pregnant or their partner is pregnant. I mean, what were you expecting? To produce a football or a match box after having sex? Asin does that even make any sense to you. Ladies, if you must open leg, then be ready for whatever comes up. Guys, when you match banga or chop kpomo, be ready for whatever comes up. Don’t start acting surprised when the child is born. Don’t subject an innocent child to harsh growing up conditions. Be wise! He is actually not the reason you guys made love and therefore should not be on the receiving end of your struggles. If you must chop, then get ready to pay. Period!

The above listed are the lessons you can learn from the ongoing drama episode.

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