Ladies don’t know when to dump a guy, they attach so much emotions to everything which in turn hurts them. It has become a normal practice these days for ladies to continually get hurt while in a relationship, yet holding on to their partner with all of their life as though once they let him go, no other guy would ever approach them. Hey! don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying you should dump your guy the minute he spills a drop of milk on your body or cos he let out a loud fart…Naaa! I’m talking about some serious relationship issues here that most times are foundational problems.

Ladies, lets be frank here, there are some character traits a guy would exhibit towards you while dating that should be a clue to you to take to your heels and never look back, but most times, the supposed love or better still infatuation you feel blinds your eyes and shuts the gate of your thinking faculty, making it very difficult for you to comprehend or even see the future. Hey! relax, this post is actually not to make you feel bad, however, the earlier you know the truth, the safer it would be for you eventually. In essence, one must be on the look out for guys who pose in sheep’s clothing yet are ravaging wolves underneath.

Errr let me say this here, these traits go pari pasu. Meaning a guy could be found with this trait, likewise a lady. I’m only hammering more on that of the guys, because most times, ladies are usually at the receiving end of bad relationships. Don’t argue with me ’bout this, statistics shows this. It’s really sad that ladies don’t learn. Falling for the same mistake over and over again, while labeling every guy a dog won’t help you. Stay woke! There are character traits a guy exhibits that you don’t need no soothsayer to interpret to you.

For example. During one of my counselling sessions, this lady was speaking to me about her guy who usually reeked of alcohol whenever he came to visit her. Now I don’t know whats up, but what I do know is that if he is always drinking even before you get married, don’t expect he would change after you get married. Yeah Yeah! miracles still happens, but there is no guarantee it would happen in your particular case. Truth is, if you can’t cope with his drinking habit now, call it a quit while there is still hope. Self denial is bad and can hurt you. Stop lying to yourself that he would change after marriage cos he won’t fullstop.

There was also this other case of a lady who had a guy who would always hit her whenever she did something wrong or upset him. She virtually had a dark patch underneath her eyes as a proof of his incessant beatings. I was totally shocked. I thought we were in the 21st century where none of these Mike Tyson wannabees existed, but I was wrong. I mean, if you really needed a punching bag while not enroll in a gym? It’s simple and short, Leave that relationship now. Even if he comes back begging with a Range Rover assurance gift or a 24 karat gold engagement ring, my dear don’t accept it. Let him work on himself before you finally say I do.

However, it’s so unfortunate that ladies are carried away with material gifts, money and infatuation that they fail to see beyond their nose to even know where exactly to draw the line. You really don’t have to go through same mistakes over and over again, your life is not an experiment. You are not a lab rat. If he won’t change while you are dating, don’t think he would when you are married. As a matter of fact, men hate to be corrected. Most times, their ego won’t allow it. Rather than try to change him, work on yourself. Be a better version of yourself daily. Increase your value as a lady and if he won’t change to suit you, another guy who would appreciate you would definitely come your way. No guy is ever worth your death or unhappiness.


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