For real ladies, what’s up with the whole craze about the hips? If you are one of those asking this question then you are probably not alone.

One of the major assets of a lady is her body, and when I say her body, what I am really referring to is basically her face, boobs, hips, butt and long legs (that’s if she has one). Without these features, most ladies feel so little about themselves. Don’t ask me why please. However after conducting a personal survey from over 200 ladies, I have come to a conclusion that ladies who have a more pronounced hips walk around with a higher self-esteem than those who barely or are struggling to have hips. In this dispensation, you see ladies doing squats, eating this food or rubbing that oil or anything just to make their hips become pronounced. The craze for a wider hips has driven many ladies out of their mind, that some go as far as having multiple surgery to make their stomach thin and then enlarge the hips. (Pheeew! God help us).

Guys are not even helping matters at all, they throw jabs at ladies with just minimal or almost invisible hip bones jotting out this in turn drives the lady to look for any means whatsoever to enlarge her hips. Every lady wants to walk around being complimented by her friends and guys on how hot and sexy she looks or on how she has a banging body, a body to die for. One thing I can say is that every lady is beautiful (either within or on the outside).

Stop trying to kill yourself over what is not there. Your beauty is not tied to your outward appearance alone. Several ladies with all the curves and hips are still single today, wetting their pillow every night while some flat no-hips lady are married, enjoying their family and everything that goes with it. Spend time building yourself rather. Where body physique and physical appearance fails, your character won’t. Become a lady of virtue and character, increase your value and worth. Start seeing yourself as who you desire to become. This are the qualities that keep a man. Yes, true, the curved hips and all that may attract him at first, but it takes more than just hips to keep a guy. For all you know, there is another lady out there with a sexier body than yours, so if it’s all about your body then be sure your guy would go after other ladies. You are a unique lady created in the image of your creator. Walk in that light and the world is yours to take.

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