My life had been just perfect, graduated from the university with a nice grade, got an amazing job in a top tech company, had wonderful siblings and parent not forgetting my baby boo who was everything I dreamt of in a guy. 

My life was the perfect description of the typical “Snow White” fairy tale movie with the usual happily ever after ending. Atleast so I thought till I clocked 26 years of age. I was in my prime, living the ideal kind of life I had always wished for. How everything changed and became different as I clocked twenty-six still baffles me till today. 

It all started the week after my birthday when I elegantly showed up at my best friends bridal shower. I can still remember the experience and everything that went down, it was pure bliss. To crown my woes, I was also her chief bridesmaid two weeks later.
Trust me when I say this, true love is sweet. I got home that day with a different perception about love. I really wanted to experience that same feeling, little did I know that was the beginning of my sad tale. My baby boo was just playing it calm and easy as if we had the whole time in the world. Never one day did he hint his plan of proposing, yet I knew he loved me recklessly. Ofcourse I loved him too. Tall dark, well built handsome baby, who wouldn’t love him?
As days and weeks and then months went by, I became desperate. My bestie’s baby bump was a constant reminder to me that one aspect of my life was still sour. I silently cried every night, imagining myself walking down the aisle with my white beautiful flowing gown and my dad by my side, telling me how gorgeous I looked.
I became fed up and decided to take the bull by the horn seeing that baby boo wasn’t as eager and desperate as I was.
Guess what I did next? You wouldn’t believe what guts and nerve I had that moved me to take my next action.
Stick with me, this is where the real story begins!
Never for once while dating did I ever think that my baby boo was cheating on me but for some reason which I can’t explain, I began to attribute his not proposing to me in time as a result of his interest in another lady. There was no evidence whatsoever but I was like c’mon “If we madly love each other, why won’t he propose, why won’t he give me that ring”.
He must be a playboy or flirt, so I thought, after all I always had this notion that tall cute guys were always unfaithful.This was the thought that constantly flooded my mind everyday, and even though I smiled and laughed whenever he was around, this thought never stopped playing at the back of my mind.
I was going crazy unconsciously and no one knew, not even me. I couldn’t visit my married friends anymore, deleted my Instagram account because of how miserable I felt whenever I saw pictures of other happy couples. I couldn’t even sleep…I mean, can you imagine? What nonsense! how did I become so desperate to get married that my life was passing away yet i wasn’t living. Could it be peer pressure or just pure marriage insanity? I couldn’t say, all I knew was that I was mentally drained and exhausted.
My sorrow was unbearable and I unknowingly began to act strange to baby boo. He wasn’t comfortable with my actions but I always had an excuse to give, which he ignorantly believed. I turned 27, yet no ring showed up. And then something happened that changed the equation of my life story.
I stumbled upon a book my colleague forgot in my car titled “How to Get your man to Propose”. I left this book in my car’s pigeon hole with the hope of returning it to my colleague, but I kept forgetting about it. It was not until I needed to take my car to the car wash that I finally put the book in my bag. Upon getting home, I unpacked my bag and there the book was, staring me in the face.
At first I looked at the book with utmost disdain, but then something in me kept nudging and really wanted to know what this book was all about. You wouldn’t believe, I began reading this book that same night. It was truly heaven sent. What got me pissed was the fact that I had this book in my custody for more than a week yet I was languishing in this pain.
There were so much I didn’t know about relationship and dating that I began to learn. I began to see how I had made some silly mistakes while dating that was probably the reason for the delay, I also saw very practical ways I could make my guy propose. This book taught on how to differentiate men who are serious for marriage and those who are mere playboys. This book was direct and to the point. Gave me all I needed to know.
I wouldn’t even waste much time, I began putting to practice lessons I had gotten from the book and to my greatest surprise my uneager baby boo who seemed so undisturbed and unperturbed one beautiful day, called me out for dinner in an exquisite restaurant and got down on his knees, with all eyes on us, asking if I would spend the rest of my life with him and be the mother of his unborn children.
Unborn what? I screamed to myself? This is unbelievable. The experience was magical and I wish I was able to capture this moment with a recording device. This might come as a shock to you, but by my twenty-eight birthday I was already married and two months pregnant.
My life which was close to ruins and near insanity was restored thanks to the information contained in a little book I found in my car by mistake.
I really don’t know how many ladies are currently in the shoes i wore some years ago. I have good news for you, you don’t have to wet your pillows like I did some years ago.
The same information I found in the book and even more have been made available to you, now you can
    1. Get your man to propose to you in record time
    1. Learn those silly mistakes that turns a guy off and avoid them
    1. Learn how to keep the gaze of your guy on only yourself
    1. Know what and what to do that would add value to yourself and keep your guy glued to your station
    1. Learn how to become an asset to your guy.
  1. Differentiate a serious guy who is ready to settle down from a playboy.

This book taught me all I know today and is the major reason I didn’t end up insane.

Trust me when I say this, everyone mature enough to go into a relationship needs this book. Get it for yourself, your sisters or daughters and save them from relationship struggles.

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