The major question right now is this; Ladies which would you rather pick, a guy who beats you or a guy who flirts around with other ladies?

While many ladies might choose to shy away from this question, I sincerely wouldn’t advice that. This twin evil occurrence from guys has now become an everyday activity hence the need to address it.

In time past, I have met some ladies who don’t mind dating a guy who is a flirt, so long as he is rich and can cater for their every day need. Also I have met ladies who are still in their marriage, enduring the new Bash Ali their husband has evolved into, all in the name of “for better for worse”. I mean, what’s that?

You see, when a lady becomes desperate for marriage, anything goes. At that point she has lost her sense of logical reasoning. All previous laid down rules and standards become a thing of the past. All she seeks is the ring, the ring of life! hahaha

I remember while growing up, my friends then would always be like, “I want a man who has 6 pacs” “oh I want a guy who is Tall Dark and Handsome” I need a guy who can satisfy me in bed” “I love guys who can cook” blah blah blah!

Fast forwards to today, many of them don’t seem to care about the 6 pacs, and TDH and all what not. Right now all they desire is someone who can just put a ring on their finger and give them a new surname they can answer. We are all aware peer pressure has a lot to play too in this menace, otherwise I see no reason why a lady with her full senses and thinking cap on would decide to marry or date a guy who beats her. C’mon! think about it, if you really needed a bouncer or boxer as a husband that would have been a different thing entirely, but beating a lady is a NO NO for me! I literally can’t stand it.

About dating a guy who flirts, oh well! what can we say to these things. The much you can do is to either get you another guy or deal with it. It’s that simple. Someone put it better, he said “If you cannot stand the heat of the kitchen, Get out of the kitchen!”

Sometimes, we might just be the one making our guy look outside to the warm enticing claws of stray ladies. But if you know you have nothing to do with your man’s flirting habit and you really know you can’t stand it, it’s best you leave that relationship while it’s still early. And if you happen to be married already, go for counselling. Seek higher wisdom on how to go about it. Don’t behave like the lady in ‘Acrimony’ who allowed the advises of her siblings ruin her marriage. Like I said, seek higher wisdom.

This is exactly the reason why you have the courtship phase, so you can find out hidden and subtle things about your man before you get married. It is not just a time for you to be hanging out everyday in ‘Shoprite’ and ‘The place’, munching Ice cream and sharwarma every other day. No! It is a time to study your partner and know how compatible you would be with him for the rest of your life, should you say “Yes I do”

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