Acrimony! Acrimony!! Acrimony!!!

This movie singlehandedly tore down the internet, twitter to be precise.

Trust me, If you haven’t seen this movie, you are living in the medieval or cave era of Robbinson Crusoe. This movie has generated lots of arguments and debates across the globe amongst couples, partners, friends and even parents.

Since the whole world is talking about this Tyler Perry produced movie…Acrimony, we have also taken the floor to dissect the movie, and bring out salient lessons to be learnt.Nonetheless, if you still haven’t seen this movie, please hurry, go to the nearest cinema or movie store.

Okay, down to the main koko of discussion for today. Personally I have 4 main issues with the movie, and they have become lessons to be learnt. So let’s dive in.


To be honest, the husband was one of the major issues of this movie. He was just a silly man, no apology. I don’t see how as a human, you can go through life without adding value to the people and world around you. I understand if you say you have a dream, but what I can’t understand is not being able to add value over the years. 

According to the movie, for seventeen years, Mr Husband was just there believing in his battery alone,with no short-term plan fro survival, no plan for his family’s upkeep and invariably no plan for the future.

It is okay to faith in something, but it is also common sensevto make alternative routes so that perhaps your dream delays, you won’t die and fizzle out before the dream materializes.

What happens to Mr Husband, adding a menial job while pursuing his battery dreams. No matter how little the income may be from the menial job, it would still go a long way in footing some bills in the home.

It is evil to go for straight seventeen years without adding one single value to your family. You spend all your wife makes working her three jobs, and you want peace? Hell No!

So guys and ladies, get busy with your life, add value to your company, your family, your business and whatever relationship you find yourself in. Do not be a parasite, just feeding on the labour of others. 


At first the anger of the wife of the wife was justified, but later on, it was just insanity. The level of rage she had to the extent of committing murder was just out of context. It’s okay to be angry, but once this anger starts eating you up to the point where you become obsessed, then you really need to look into it and seek help.

She had laboured and put in a whole lot in the marriage, despite the fact that she caught her then boyfriend cheating on her. Her mother’s house was mortgaged and all her savings depleted, so its only normal to be angry when shortly after divorce, everything turns around to favour your ex-husband.

However, the amount of anger she allowed to consume her was overwhelming and eventually led to her demise. Too Bad! Then ofcourse, part of the faults of the lady came from the next point i’m about to mention in the next paragraph.


Nobody is saying you shouldn’t listen or take advice from your family, relatives and loved ones, but as a human, giving a brain and a thinking faculty, one should be able to make decisions for him or herself.

Yes, listen to those ahead of you, those higher than you in a field, lest you make the same mistake they made, but still listen to your inner guts. God has giving every human being a brain, just so you can have a mind of your own and be able to think.

When you start depending too much on the words and supposed wisdom nuggets of others, it depletes your ability to utilize your cerebral functions.

So please, accommodate your family and peers, but listen mostly to your inner guts, keep your family at bay when it comes to your marriage because you are married to your spouse and not your family or in-law. The last and most important fault is what i would be discussing in the next paragraph.


This last point applies to everything we do in life. When you fail to understand that you were created by a superior being and that everything that you ever had and will have comes from him, you won’t go far in life.

Therefore, whatever you do in life, you must always involve and commit it to God’s hand. Trying to live you life without God is like trying to survive without oxygen. A marriage not built on the foundation of Christ is bound to be broken, even though it may seem perfect to onlookers.

Be it your marriage, your business, your relationship or whatever that is precious to you, always make it a habit to speak to God about it. You can never be wrong when you start off with the God-factor in place.Who better to direct you, if not someone who has been in existence even before the birth of your great fore- fathers.

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