How was I so naive to believe everything he said to me?
All he was ever after was my cookie jar but I was too blind to notice. I was so in love.
The pressure was just too much from my parents and colleagues at work, I really wanted to get married.
How was it that all the guys that approached me were all after the same thing…my cookie jar! My age too was not even having it easy with me, and being the first born, things only got messier.
To be Honest, my last relationship experience was a terrible disaster I never want to remember again.
I was out alone to see a blockbuster movie and here was Mr Nice guy seating alone next to me. Prior to meeting him, I had dated some other guys which didn’t end so well.
This time, I wasn’t ready for rubbish.
So I put up a whole lot of fronting and principles, just to make Mr Nice guy know am not the regular lady out there.
He turned out to be different after many weeks and then months of knowing him.
He never made mention of my cookie jar or try to hit on me, I almost thought he was a priest or monk.
Silly me, I began to let some of my guard down and became quite free with him. He really was a sweet guy. So I thought.
Finally, I was going to get that RING I had been searching every where for.
Finally, I would be called “MRS”
Several nights I would lay on my bed, starring at the ceiling and imagine me walking down the aisle with my beautiful and breathtaking white flowing gown.
The thought was out of this world to me, I couldn’t wait to experience this in reality.
I couldn’t wait to silence the wagging tongues of my colleagues, friends and haters.
My Mr Nice guy was totally different from the other guys I had dated.
I knew my prayers had finally been answered.
God bless the producer of the blockbuster movie I went to the cinema to see that blessed day. How else would I have met my Mr Nice guy?
Something spectacular happened on my birthday…
We were now a year and 8 months together, the longest dating experience I’ve ever had.
My Mr Nice guy decided to blow my mind off with the best birthday gift.
Oh my gosh! this could not really be true. I was damn excited.
He Proposed!!!
My joy knew no bounds.
Finally I got the RING. And I got it without losing my PANTS.
Who said I couldn’t do that huhn? I was so proud of myself
I was definitely a baby girl for life now, flashing my hand in every single conversation just so haters could see my ring.
All I dreamt of every night was how In walked down the aisle with so much glamour.
The next Phase of our lives is exactly where I would like to draw your attention to, so stick Around and find out what happened. Cos the real story started after this Proposal Phase of my life with my Mr Nice Guy.

I was one of those ladies who at often times labelled all men as dogs after a good relationship gone bad. You couldn’t blame me, I was hurt then, but now I know better.My Mr Nice Guy was far from being a dog, he was a dark tall handsome angel sent from Heaven. Everything was going smooth, I was really having the time of my life.

I mean, can you imagine? I’m going to be called “MRS” pretty soon…Wow!

Who says small girls can’t have a big God huhn? I kept thinking to myself, smiling sheepishly. This was finally my moment, and I wasn’t going to blow it for anything. I started going shopping in preparation for my wedding which was not yet even fixed. Yeah, you could say I was forward, but my excitement wouldn’t make me take a chill pill.

I walked everywhere, flashing my ring, just to see my the look on my hater’s face. My Guy would always call to check on me, we hung out whenever he was free and the gifts kept pouring in

Oh! What a Guy! Everyday was a heavenly experience for me. I was now the real definition of a Baby Girl for Life. But then the unimaginable happened and this was the beginning of the END for me.

I Made A Huge Mistake!!!

Oh how could I have been this silly?

How could I make such a gross mistake that has cost me my relationship?

As a matter of fact, I have found out since then, that many other ladies are also guilty of this same mistake. I wasn’t alone on this one. But in my case, it hurt me so much because everything was going smooth with my wedding in view. How was I so careless to not have learnt from the experiences and mistakes of other ladies? Why did I have to be the one to pay for this mistake? Was it all my fault?

These and many more questions I kept asking myself as I cried on my pillow every night.

I was too in love and couldn’t see what lay ahead of me. I couldn’t see the signs early because i was blind. Now everything came crashing Boom! in my face. What was this mistake I made? You might probably be asking right now…

How are you sure you are not also making the same mistake in your present relationships? 



  1. (of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement.
    “the rather naive young man had been totally misled”


This was just me in one word…Naive!

Hey! don’t laugh at me, atleast not yet. You haven’t read the rest of my story. Many ladies are also naive like I was then and my fear is that this would inadvertently lead to a heartbreak. Hence the need to put my story out there to prevent such heartbreaks from occurring. Most people are naive and gullible when in love.

80 out of 100 people would argue and deny this, but it’s simply the truth.Usually, there is an ideal kind of man we desire and paint in our imaginary dreams. So when Mr Nice Guy comes, we subconsciously put him through a little test in our mind to see if he is really genuine. After the test, we then conclude. This is where we get it all wrong because men know what you know now. And they act in accordance, just so they can pass your little silly test and have their way with you.


Mistake Number One

Guys are not fools anymore.

While you are trying to avoid the playboys among them, they are also getting more knowledge and devicing new plans on how to catch you and keep you just where they want you to be. These days, even fuckboys (boys who are only after your cookie jar) have now deviced mediums on how they can disguise and look like genuine guys. So this leads to my next question…How can a lady differentiate a fuckboy from a real guy?

How can you tell that your current guy is not actually a playboy, just interested in getting all he can get from you, with the aim of leaving you after? You see, This was my mistake…I was Naive. Not being able to differentiate a guy who wants to waste your time from a guy who is serious and wants to settle down and have a family with you is a major issue befalling many people.

A lot of people have ended up marrying a guy who masqueraded as a real guy, only to get into the marriage and realize that he was just pretending. A lot of ladies have stayed in a relationship with their guys for years with no hope of proposal in sight. My relationship with My Mr Nice Guy suffered from this same mistake because I was too naive to seat down and think through what I was doing or getting into.

How could I think? My Mr Nice Guy had alI the features I dreamt of and I needed the ring badly. Exactly the same mistakes many ladies have made that have cost them their marriage and relationships.

Little wonder statistics shows that the rate of divorce is almost doubling the rate of marriages on a yearly basis.

This statistics is increasing at an alarming rate. It shows that been married is not just the goal right now; staying married and happy while in it is. We have learnt to mask our sorrow, and hide it behind a wide smile. This shouldnt be. You shouldn’t go through what I went through. It musn’t always end in a heartbreak. We can have that guy of our dreams, having the best marriage and living happily, if we really desire to. But how many ladies today are willingly to pay the price?

Someone said, “If you want to hide an information, put it inside a book” And this is so true because these days, people hate to head. Everyone is stuck with their android phone that zaps a huge chunk of their daily time. What will you do, If you were told that you can prevent yourself from having heartbreaks?

How excited would you be, if you knew that all it took to preserve your relationship with your Mr Nice Guy has been put together in a book just for you.

Would you like to know how I was able to turn my mistake around and save my relationship with My man?

I probably haven’t told you that a dear friend of mine who had experienced a similar situation introduced me to a principle. A principle she used that got her married same year of her heartbreak. A principle that saved my relationship and has saved the relationships of many other ladies. God bless her immensely for me.

She came visiting one day after my break up and saw me sobbing. I narrated what happened, how I met him, how we became so close and how he proposed on my birthday. I also told her of my ordeal while dating him, at a point she burst out in laughter. I couldn’t understand what was funny about my break up story. She cut me in and told me of her own experience and how she was naive. That was when I came to a conclusion that I was also naive like she was and made the same mistake which I could have avoided if only I had been exposed to this principle.

Today everything has really turned around In my life.

I have taken time out to put these principles down in a book, just so you don’t make the mistake i made. This book is currently available and would help you enjoy your relationship and marriage. Take it from someone who has had a bitter experience that cost me my relationship.


Your prayers just got answered. It’s not too late to save that marriage or relationship of yours. But the most important question is, are you willing to pay the price? Can you go any length to make sure your investments thus far don’t go down the drain?One second delay could be dangerous, so why not get this book right now?

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