Isn’t it funny that a lot of people lay down to sleep every night but don’t truly rest their bodies? Humans have gotten so used to laying down every night as though it were a ritual, yet many do not wake refreshed and revitalized.

It is amazing because sometimes I find myself experiencing the same thing, and trust me, I don’t wake feeling excited like I ought to.

What could be the reason for this anomaly?

Could it be due to our economy, our perhaps, it is because of the new wave of Information Technology that has evaded and swept through our space?

Whatever answer you might choose, I certainly cannot say, but what i do know of a surety is that the outcome won’t be friendly in the longrun.

I really cannot apportion blame to anyone in particular who isn’t experiencing a sound sleep especially with the rate at which everything is changing so rapidly.

Everyone trying their best to survive and stay abreast; little wonder we wake up most mornings feeling tired and lazy. We wake up wanting to go back to bed. Isn’t this an irony?

Our world today has made us so busy, chasing after financial liberation and all the packages that come with it, meanwhile forgetting a vital part of our existence…Sleep!

We have become so busy and carried away with every other thing. Our minds have become so busy processing 300 billion thoughts all at once that even when we lay our head to sleep, we end up continuing the thinking process even in our sleep. hahahaha!

If this is currently your situation, fret not, you are not alone. Over 70% of the world population are in this Rat-race, all trying to escape the chains of poverty and “financial cagery” (if there is any word like that).

This quest for financial liberation has made humans work round the clock. even when the body is giving signals and prompting you to sleep, you defy this body signal and keep working, just so that pepper can rest and you can have a good life.

Nevertheless, you cannot substitute the place of sleep for work. In as much as it is important to work while it is day, it is also important to rest the body while it is night, lest after yo make all the money in the world, your body breaks down and you end up 6 feets underground.

There is this popular saying, “It is only those alive today that can work today” therefore we ought to pay special attention to our body and know when to rest it.

Take fruits and the necessary veggies that help replenish worn out cells in your body. Of what use is money when you have ill-health.

Money should come with good health. That is our desire.

So desist from cheating your body and sleep time, rather pay more attention to your overall body well-being while going about your daily affairs.

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