The Games Men Play


Yaaaay! where my ladies at? this is good news for you.

With all the drama surfacing everyday on the world stage, The release of this exciting and informative e-book PANTS and RINGS…The Games Men Play  is by far the best and soothing breaking news to hit the air waves in recent times.

Atleast we can now take our minds off the Brexit and Zimbabwean drama for some time, while we gulp down and savour every ink of this book.

Trust me, this book is nothing like you have ever seen or read before. Don’t take my word for real, read it and prove me wrong right now.

For years, lots of ladies have asked me questions on what to do or how to cope in this situation or that situation regarding their relationships.

I receive calls and messages from ladies who show appreciation after having a session with me, with some others sending their wedding invitations to show their gratitude.

Well, what can I say, I feel so honoured and delighted that I have decided to share from my wealth of knowledge to my esteemed readers in the form of this book.

While I found some of their questions exciting, other times I found them a little disturbing. One thing I’ve noticed for sure is that these principles work for those who abide by them.

Owing to the awesome fact by abiding by these principles, I have been able to put smiles on the faces of some ladies, many of which are now married and living happily with their partners, I present to you PANTS and RINGS…The Games Men Play . 

The frequent testimonies and appreciation messages has given rise to the birth of this awesome and informative book.

Appreciation messages I actually do find more desirable than the World Cup trophy.

This book discusses salient issues I have found rampant among ladies, issues more ladies still fall prey to till date.

I am very particular about heartbreaks. I literally detest them, although I have learnt a lot from them over the years.

Since I know how painful they could be, I have written this book, to help ladies avoid such bad phases in their relationships.

Salient matters like Knowing who you are, Tips on how you can identify a fuck boy who just wants to waste your time, Things you do that can make your man propose in no time, How you can preserve your relationship or marriage, Things to avoid while dating, Silly mistakes ladies that leads to heartbreaks among other issues have been extensively addressed and discussed in this book.

It is worthy of note that copies of the uncompleted book were sent out to some authors for vetting and the remarks that got back were just profound.

Right now I really feel like somersaulting while patting myself on the back for a job well done. Trust me, it took a lot from me to put pen to paper by it was worth it.

All these principles contained in this book, have been made available to you at a minute sum of 3,000 naira.

When you look at how much you spend in a week in comparison to the price of this book, you would realize that it can’t be compared to the joy this book would bring to you after digesting it’s content.

Why the delay? Order for your copy immediately. We would be so eager to hear from you after digesting it’s content.

Send your Name and Email to 09082996222 or send a mail stating your interest to

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I am so eager to hear from you.





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