It really saddens my heart when I hear of another relationship gone bad. Sometimes, it may not be deliberate or intentional on the part of any of the partners, but trust me sh*t happens.

Hence, it is imperative as a lady to first of all be aware of those things that cause break ups and then, learn how you can avoid them.

Doesn’t it interest you that as we speak, the rate of divorce is higher than the rate of marriages? This by now should no longer be news to you I guess.

You have a huge role to play in your relationship, and while most people love to lazy about and relegate the duties to their partner, what I can tell you for sure is that this style hasn’t worked since the days of Abraham.

The sooner you get yourself acquainted with such relationship killers, the better for you.

A lot of people go into a relationship with nothing, expecting the whole world from their partner, and am wondering, like how is that even possible.

Relationships ought to be between the both parties, each contributing and bringing to the table his or her own quota.

That been said, I have extensively discussed on these silly errors ladies commit that leads to break ups.

To be honest, I sincerely wish you can dedicate some your time to read through and gain understanding of the world of Dating and Marriage.

Our new ebook PANTS AND RINGS…The Games Men Play contains an extensive discuss on such mistakes you might want to avoid.

Not only does this ebook contain mistakes you should avoid as a lady, it also speaks on how you can stay hawt and sexy for your man.

We have at some point heard about ladies who became flab and out of shape after they got married. This is every shade of wrong.

You must maintain that body that got your man hooked to you in the first place otherwise he might just go after one of those fresh sexy young bloods.

You can’t afford to lose your man due to sheer carelessness, I can understand if you just had a baby, but even at that, the gym hasn’t shut down since you had your baby, you need to constantly stay hawt.

As a bonus chapter, the ebook also speaks on how you can get your man to propose in 3 months, for those who have been dating for months and now years and still haven’t seen the ring.

This principle has been very useful to many ladies and I thought it wise to share it with you.

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