The number one headache of most ladies past the age of 28 has been and is still getting their guy to propose.

Achieving this feat of getting your guy to propose to you before you outgrow the marriage market has now been officially rated higher than passing SAT exam. Don’t ask me the body that did the rating.

Am sure we all know how annoying and frustrating it is dating a guy for so long, going about the street flaunting him to your friends and at the end of the day, attend the wedding ceremony of all your friends but yours.

Years after years of catching the bouquet of your female friend, it becomes pretty disturbing to your self esteem.

No lady wants to go through such life drama, every lady deserves to be happy, with the right guy by her side.

This is the reason you should keep reading with full and undivided attention as together, we unveil what you as a lady can do to make your guy get down on his right knee and quit beating about the bush.

Before we proceed on this revelatory episode, may I ask you this question; at what point do you think a guy should be ready to settle down? Any idea?

Also, before seeking your guy to propose to you, have you cared to find out what phase of life your guy is currently in?

This question as casual as it may look is a major reason why many aren’t married till date.

I tell you what, there are 3 phases of life open to any guy above puberty. Therefore, a lady ready for marriage but with a guy in the wrong phase would definitely not get married.

I believe the major aim of proposing to a lady is because he has marriage in view somewhere down the line.

You would be shocked to find out that many ladies even after been proposed to for years are still not married, they have become the new “Lord of the Rings” this might amuse you but in reality, it’s not funny.

The end point of proposing to a lady should be to tie the knot eventually with her. This right now is not the case as many playboys have gone way overboard proposing to ladies without meaning it.

Sadly, a lot of ladies have fallen prey to such act, thereby leading me back to my original thesis that as a lady, if you don’t recognize what phase your guys is currently in, you may end up hurt yourself and soaking your pillow every night.

I would really love to expound more on these three phases, one of which your guy is currently into unknown to you.

But guess what? I have made it a lot easier for you by putting down all these details and even more in a book titled “PANTS AND RINGS…the games men play

The book is currently available and deals with several issues ladies face while dating. It shows how you can not only get your guy to propose, but how you can walk down the aisle and tie the knot with the man of your dreams.

Bonus topics like mistakes ladies make while dating that end their relationship, how you can stay hot for your man and wade off other ladies also, how you can identify a fuck boy from a real man.

All these and many more we have put together in an exciting book with pictures just so you can avoid making mistakes and eventually end up wearing that wedding gown you’ve always dreamt of.


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