Ladies you know that feeling when a guy is really into you at that initial stage and it seems like the gods have suddenly smiled down on you and rewarded your ceaseless all-night prayers with a loving cute guy.

And then you are really enjoying every moment, and the last thing you want is for this lovey-dovey experience to fade away.

So you want to do everything within your power to keep your man right? Yeah I totally understand, we have all worn that shoe before.

May I remind you that as a lady, you have a huge role to play in ensuring you don’t lose your guy to predators out there. I can only pray you know what I mean when I used the word predators. Hahaha!

In times past, I have seen lots of ladies make costly mistakes that invariably cost them their relationships or even their marriage.

Statistics shows that the rate of divorce in the world is growing at a rapid rate in comparison to the rate of marriages. Is this not alarming?

Apparently, what this statistics tells us is that there are obviously wrong actions or inactions that ladies and guys are carrying out that have led to break ups and divorces.

We would address one of the reasons of break ups and marriages in this post. You can visit our website to read up on other topics we have dealt with previously.

As unimportant as it may look, staying hot in shape have really cost most marriages and relationships.

If you doubt me, you can conduct a personal survey and find out from your friends, colleagues and acquaintances what they feel about this topic.

A lot of ladies start out looking all hot and enticing, then end up looking all flab and irritating to the eyes…Why?

At first, you want to secure your place in his life, you want to win his heart so you stay trim and fit, looking all cute like a teddy. The minute he has married you or proposed, you then begin to slack and look like a bag of beans.  No! this shouldn’t be the case.

He loved what he saw and came after you, why then would you think he would like this new flabby you that you have decided to become due to some indiscipline.

To be honest, men love to flaunt their ladies before their family and friends, they want to show you off as a priceless jewel. It’s only normal. So as a lady when you relax and make yourself all flabby, you are literally shooting yourself in the leg.

This is one of the reasons many ladies have lost their guys to younger ladies who look all hot and well packaged for your supposed man.

There are just few things that can still make a man attached to a lady even after she has lost her hot nature and enticing looks.

In as much as I would want to tell you what they are, I believe I have done well by putting pen to paper, in the form of a book.

It is my earnest desire that every lady knows how she can remain the number one and only lady in her guy’s life. To this end, I have made all you need to know available in my newest edition of “PANTS AND RINGS, The games men play

Now you can comfortably avoid these silly mistakes that cost you your joy and happiness by reading this interesting and exciting book with relatable experiences.

As a show of my generosity, I have included other tips that would be very helpful for you as a single in relationship or married lady.

You would be so glad you read this book, I can assure you.

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  1. mercy

    A man that hasn’t practiced self-control and doesn’t know that his body is God’s temple will always cheat,even if you are as 🔥 as KIM.

    1. Pinkheart

      Thank you Mercy for your input, however relevant your point may be, ladies still have a lot to do to maintain their marriages or relationships. This is also applicable to christian ladies out there. In as much as God is the foundation of every union or relationship, we must understand that people have their parts to play, and the moment they relegate their duties to God or someone else rather than themselves, catastrophe is bound to happen. Trust me.

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