Want to Say Goodbye to High Blood Sugar Forever?

“Do you Wish to Finally Free from the Menace called Diabetes? Are you Tired of Having Sleepless Nights and Wetting your Pillow with tears due to your High Blood Sugar Level? Please Read this Newsletter Urgently”.

What if I told you that this year, you can finally be free from blood sugar problems?

What if I showed you how you can get rid of the monster called Diabetes, would you allow me?

Do you know how many people so far have testified about their blood sugar level decreasing drastically?


My Dear Friends,

Have you heard about STEMCELL THERAPY?

Do you know that Former President Barrack Obama has said that Stem Cell Therapy is the new wave in medicine to take over America?

Do you also know that it is estimated that within the next 10 years, 80% of the population, from developed countries, will be tied to Stem Cell.

At this point, you may want to ask what stem cell therapy is right.


Okay, so what if I told you that all you needed to be Diabetes free is contained in one product, and has been tested and proven to work with Diabetes patients all around the world.

Would that get you excited?

Stem Cell Therapy is a type of treatment option that uses a patient’s own stem cells to help repair damaged tissues and injuries.

It is a 21st century medical revolution that cures over 80 cell related diseases.

Medical Doctors across the globe have affirmed that the greatest and most recent medical advancement in the history of medicine today is linked to stem cell therapy.

Good thing is Diabetes 1 and 2 are among the Diseases stem cell therapy cures.

CLICK HERE to read more about Stem Cell Therapy for better understanding.

STC30 produced by Super life is that product you have been waiting for.

STC30 is made through stem cell technology which contains plant (organic) stem cells.

These stem cells can produce any cell in the body to replace ageing cells and diseased cells such that stem cells have become the ultimate repair tool kit of the body.

This is not myth, it is reality.

Stem cells are universal cells. They are mother cells that have the potential to become any type of cell in the body.

Awesome right?

The good thing about STC30 is that it is a unique blend of 6 fruits, specially cultivated from rare Swiss apple and Gamay grape.

Functions/Benefits of STC30

  • You don’t need to undergo surgery to be Diabetes free
  • It prevents cancer and other degenerative diseases.
  • It enables new cells to re-grow and replace dead, old and worn out cells of diseased part of the body.
  • It protects the cells of the body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, and provides us with energy.
  • It renews and repairs dead cells in our body. I.e. other cell related diseases other than Diabetes would be taken care of too.
  • It feeds our cells, and enables us sleep soundly at night.
  • It makes our cell membrane moist, soft and permeable for nutrients to get in and waste to go out.
  • It makes for easy evacuation of our bowels.
  • It clears blocked arteries thereby normalizing blood pressure.
  • Noticeable changes starts showing after a month, hence the name STC“30”.
  • It is an oral plant based stem cell that comes in an easy to take powdered form.
  • Each pack contains 15 sachets which should be taken every day.
  • It’s 100% Swiss Quality Formulation.
  • It’s 100% non toxic, all natural.
  • It’s 100% HALAL and FDA registered.
  • 100% no sides effects or overdose.


All these in one product? Wow!

Little wonder Medical Doctors across the globe affirmed Stem Cell Therapy to be the greatest medical advancement in history today.


This product is currently available and goes for the price of 35,000 naira per pack.

Prices are speculated to go up due to high demand for STC30 Stem Cell Therapy, owing to its numerous functions and testimonies from those who have used it so far.


We would be giving a whooping 10% discount off if you purchase two packs and above.

Also you would be getting a free e-book on what you need to know about Diabetes sent to your mail same day you make purchase.

Offer valid while stock last, so hurry and get yours now.

Remember, a pack goes for 35,000 naira.


You Can Also See the Testimonies of Some People who have used STC 30

The above testimony was shared by a lady whose husband had Diabetes, but after 1 month of taking STC 30, his blood sugar dropped drastically. The test result has been uploaded so you could confirm the hospital report.

The picture here shows the before and after foot of a Diabetes patient. We can see how swollen the leg was before and how it started to reduce after taking STC 30.

Also the picture above shows the before and after of a Diabetic patient of more than 5 years. Just after 30 days of using STC 30 Stem Cell Therapy, you can see the difference between both feet.



Mr. Sithole had been tormented by the monster called Diabetes and Hypertension.

This 65 year old diabetic patient shares how his blood sugar stabilized, and how his hypertension reading went from 200/100 to 120/80 after just 2 months of taking STC 30.


2018 is the year where you finally say NO to Diabetes. Before December you should join the list of people who have been testifying so far.


This year say NO to wetting your pillow with tears.



Pink Heart


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  1. Frank Babule

    Wow I hv sofar liked the product, but hw many sarkets does a diabetic patient take a day for quick recovery

    1. Pinkheart

      Hello Frank
      Thank you for contacting Pink Heart.

      There is really no time frame for diabetes owing to the fact that the human body differs and this alone could cause a change the duration of one’s treatment.

  2. Cherry

    Do you have a stockiest in Onitsha..I wish to get the office address and contact person.
    My digits 08034862943

    1. Pinkheart

      Hello Cherry
      Thank you for contacting Pink Heart Nigeria.

      We only have stock available in Lagos. Kindly send a Whatsapp message to 09082996222 to order.

      Thank you and have a great day!

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